Whether you are moving to or from Phuket, there are a number of regional and international logistics companies to choose from. 

While the prospect of moving may sound adventurous to some, for those who have done it the experience is far from gratifying.

In fact, a 2015 study conducted by British energy giant E.On found that 62% of the 2,000 people surveyed rated moving house as the most stressful event in their life.  Moving even ranked ahead of divorce/break-ups and even ahead of losing their job.

We know that all too well!  It is especially difficult when you are moving the contents of an entire home, where you have lived in for many years.

But we also know that a move is sometimes necessary for your career. That is why we have prepared some tips which we hope will help you to alleviate the pressure somewhat.

So exhale, rub your temples, and please have a read:

Have a To Do List

As with anything in life, disorganization leads to unwanted stress. Having to do list helps you stay focused, and even keeps you motivated towards your goal.

You won’t just be packing up your house, in fact, there is a good chance you’ll have “the movers” doing that part for you.  It is the little things you have to take care of, like travel documents, visas, and friends to say goodbye to.  If you have children, you will also have to deal with everything entailed in changing schools.

Make a To-Do List.  There will be a multitude of things to do, and you will probably be adding to the list, even as your departure nears.  If you are going to take care of every little detail you will need to make sure you’ve written everything down.

Making your list should probably be done in three steps. 1) List everything thing that needs to be done, and try not to leave anything off, however minor it seems;  2) Prioritize the list because some things (like applying for visas or selling cars) may require advanced planning;  3) Be prepared to add to the list.

Try to focus on each task at hand separately, so that you can tick them off one by one.  As you add to the list (and you will add to the list) make sure you try to prioritize each new item.

If you are Going Home, Rekindle Old Friendships

If you are moving home it pays to get out your old address book. There must be many friends that you have kept in touch with but not seen for a while. Why not drop them a line and tell them you are making plans to return home?

If you are Moving to Phuket, Make Some New Friends

If you are moving to Phuket, try and make some new friends as soon as possible, creating new relationships can make all the difference to a happy life.  In fact, research has shown that happy people are those who cultivate strong relationships in life. The more friends you have, the more contended you’ll be.

Check Out Blogs and Forums

A move can be less stressful if you are in touch with others who have been in the same position, and who can share their experiences. It always helps to listen to how other people have coped with certain situations, especially how they have overcome certain obstacles.

It doesn’t matter whether you are arriving or leaving, others have come and gone before you, so you can learn from them.

Join Some Groups

If you are coming to Phuket, there are a number of associations and groups to join, which can be great places to make new friends.

For the ladies, The Phuket International Woman’s Club (PIWC) is one.  There are also enough wine clubs, pool competitions and leagues, pub quizzes, and charity events that can easily fill you social calendar.

You might get so busy that you find you have little free time left for yourself.

Getting a Good Logistics Company to Help

If you are moving from overseas to Phuket, then you will probably find an international moving company near you that can handle everything.  If you are moving from Phuket, there are likewise companies on the ground here that can help.

Hera are a few to consider:

 Phuket Based

Bangkok Based

A Checklist

We can’t pretend to know everything you will need, but we have prepared a list of a few of the usual “musts” to get your checklist started:

  • Decide if you will be renting or purchasing a property in your new location
  • Decide what to do with your current home (rent or sell)
  • Understand the visa requirements for your new country, and know their system for visa appointments
  • Decide on a new school for your children, and ensure that new admission is available when you will be arriving
  • Find out the requirements for moving your pets (the country you are going to may require a period of quarantine)
  • Ensure you comply with any tax clearance before you leave the country
  • Decide if you will leave some items in storage, or if everything will be moved
  • Choose your moving company
  • Make plans to sell your car
  • Confirm any necessary driving tests or driving license requirements for your new location
  • Make plans to purchase or hire a car in your new location
  • If possible, sort out your bank account before you arrive
  • If your new home will be ready when you arrive, be sure to arrange mobile phone and internet contracts before you move
  • Contact your insurance companies and find out if any changes to your life or medical policies are needed in your new country of residence
  • If new policies are required, contact an insurer in your new city to arrange any policies (this should also include car and renters/ homeowners insurance)
  • Make a list of all your existing utility bills, and make arrangements to have them turned off
  • Find out the requirements for notifying the authorities in your new country of residence of your arrival


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