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An Economic Overview for Thailand Property Investors

Being an island, it stands to reason that land in Phuket would be in limited supply. Add to that fact the consistent demand in the tourism sector, and the maturity of the real estate market, and the long term fundamentals for investing in a property in Phuket are extremely positive.

The growth in branded residences and hotel licensed condominiums, which allow foreign investors to enjoy freehold ownership, play an important role in this buoyant market; however, beyond the choice of property there are also economic factors to consider when looking at the property market in Thailand.

This section seeks to offer an explanation for how those economic factors can impact investment decisions for anyone looking to purchase a property in Phuket. It covers not only a comprehensive economic overview of Thailand (including some select, relevant economic indicators), but also takes an in-depth examination of the Thai Baht, including how and why currency fluctuations in Thailand might affect Phuket property investors and their potential for capital gains.

Economic Overview for Thailand Property Investors Articles

Thailand’s Current Economic Data

GDP GROWTH A country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is typically calculated by totalling all the goods and services produced by that country in a single year, although some organisations use the cumulative annual incomes of

An Overview On The Thai Baht

THE THAI BAHT AN OVERVIEW Investing in Thai Baht The relative strength of any national economy will typically have a bearing on the strength of its currency. Many of the economic factors discussed above

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