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A Comprehensive Guide to Buying and Leasing Property in Thailand

Investing in property is always a big decision. Buyers want to have the confidence that their real estate investment is a well-considered and safe choice.

The laws in many countries make property ownership pretty straightforward, but in Thailand foreigners are not allowed to own land, and this restriction extends to landed property such as villas and houses.

A foreign buyer may, however, buy freehold condominiums, which can be registered in their own name at the local Land Department. This section aims to cover every aspect of the laws governing property ownership, and is intended to help those discerning investors who are looking to invest in the Phuket property market to make intelligent and educated decisions.

Equipped with the right information, foreign buyers can make informed decisions. They can also use that information to deflect the inaccurate statements and questionable advice that sometimes comes from agents or developers. In many cases, buyers do not find out that they have made poor investment decisions – or even that they have flouted Thai Laws – until it is too late.

Buying and Leasing Property in Thailand Articles

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FOREIGN FREEHOLD PROPERTY OWNERSHIP IN PHUKET Condominiums in Phuket Freehold condo ownership is fairly clear-cut, and is the best way for foreigners to own property in Thailand. Thai law states that a condominium complex may have up

All About The 30 Year Leasehold in Thailand

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