The Phuket Property Guide 2019/20

The Phuket Property Guide has been compiled to provide a concise, impartial and “easy to read” primer on the real estate sector in Thailand, with an emphasis on Phuket. Phuket is an attractive and dynamic property market, and being equipped with the right information will help you to find the property that is right for you.

The Phuket Property Guide addresses the following:

  • What Types of Property Can Foreigners Buy in Thailand?
  • How Do Property Prices Compare With Other Countries?
  • Why You Must Know The Laws in Thailand!
  • What to Look Out for When Buying Property in Thailand

  • What Areas Have the Greatest Potential?

  • What is Driving the Attractive Rental Returns?

  • What is the Potential for Capital Appreciation?

  • How Low are Transaction Costs?

  • How Low are Taxes on Rental Income?

  • What are Thailand’s Economic Strengths?

  • How Do Currency Movements Affect Investment Returns?

  • What About Succession Laws for Foreigners? Do You Need a Will?

  • Where to Get the Best Advice?


[2019 & 2020  Edition]
Find out everything you need to know before buying a home or investment property in Phuket!
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