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Overview of Phuket Real Estate Market

The Real Estate market in Phuket is correctly described as being unlike any other real estate market in the world. A mere 660 metres from the Thai mainland across the Sarasin Bridge, Phuket’s property market differs even from that of mainland Thailand.

Driven predominantly by foreign investors, Phuket distinguishes itself by the broad mix of nationalities and the types of properties on offer. With an array of projects and areas catering to specific nationalities and price points, it makes for a rather colourful property market.

This section aims to give investors a broad overview of the Phuket real estate sector, including some in-depth analysis of trends within the sector. It looks at prices both on the island and throughout Thailand, and examines the fundamentals which affect both local and broader Thai market prices. It also looks at how the price per square metre can vary in different areas of Phuket, and which properties tend to favour investment/rental income, rather than residential.

Tourism is clearly the key driver of the Phuket real state sector, and the current low interest rate environment offers an ideal investment opportunity for many foreign buyers. With impressive demand, the island enjoys a buoyant property market which for over two decades has helped to raise wages and create very stable employment for the local population.

Phuket Real Estate Market Articles

The Unbelievable Amount of New Property For Sale in Phuket

Phuket has seen spectacular growth in the real estate sector, with new projects springing up everywhere. This has created a huge choice of properties to choose from, ranging from extremely well priced condominiums, to luxury villas up in the tens of millions of US Dollars. This has, in many ways, revitalized the Phuket property sector. So vast is the current available choice of real estate in Phuket, it is almost impossible to remember every new project.

Valuing a Phuket Property

VALUING A PHUKET PROPERTY When a seller advertises a property the price is their notion of the home’s worth, but the only true valuation comes when they find a buyer who agrees with them. Value is therefore far more

Types of Phuket Property

TYPES OF PHUKET PROPERTY In an effort to help buyers better identify their ideal property, Thai Residential have classified the different types of properties available in Phuket. While the choice is extensive, the categorisation is perhaps somewhat subjective. Different

The Demand For Rental Income in Phuket

The potential for long-term capital gains has historically driven most global property markets, and while this is still a reasonable expectation in Phuket, the market is being driven by investors now, and they are demanding

The Inherent Risks to Buyers of Phuket Property

It should stand to reason that someone making a major purchase, especially one as large as a property, will endeavour to do the relevant research before they sign on the dotted line. Anyone who is not inclined to conduct

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