Are you happy to age gracefully?

Some people accept the grey hair and wrinkles when they come. They also view sagging skin as just another sign they are getting older.

But there are a number of us who look in the mirror, and immediately cringe when the ravages of time become apparent.

If you think it is not yet time to give up on youth, then Phuket has a number of world class clinics that can help to transform you back to that younger version of yourself.

What Makes Phuket One of The Best Places for Medical Tourism?

Phuket has been a popular tourist destination for the last few decades. Most people agree that there are not many places on the planet that can compete with it.  It has the perfect combination of natural beauty, amazing culture, party scene, and diverse choices of entertainment.

But over the last 15 years or so, a new tourist industry has emerged:  Medical Tourism.

In addition to new clinics and dental practises, as well as two major accredited international hospitals, Phuket has seen a huge growth in cosmetic surgery specialists.

These are safe, well established clinics with tens of thousands of satisfied customers.

Phuket is simply a nice place to come to get some work done, at a fraction of the cost of other destinations.

Of course, there are some places to go that might be closer to home, with much less flying time, but we can guarantee you that few of them are as beautiful as Phuket.

There is plenty of luxury accommodation, spas, massage and wellness centres. Even if it is just stroll on the beach each morning, there are all manner of things to do for relaxation.

Every doctor will tell you that recovery is swifter and more enjoyable in the right environment.  And in Phuket, you will have that relaxed holiday feeling that you just won’t get at home.

How would you like to get the same work done – at a fraction of the cost – and recuperate in a tropical island paradise, all the while saving money?

But Are the Standards the Same?

As thousands of patients have discovered, the standards are equal to those you would find in many parts of the world.  The doctors receive their training in Australia or the West.

Most doctors at least speak fluent English, and some have learned one other foreign language.

Not only are they highly qualified, but you will also find that the technology employed is state of the art.

The doctors in Phuket are constantly taking care of patients who fly to the island for procedures, so they have the experience too.

What Are the Main Attractions of Phuket?

For the majority of people who come to Phuket for procedures, the biggest draw is the price.  In fact, cosmetic surgery here can be as much as 70% cheaper than in other countries.

The quality of work is always guaranteed if you use the best clinics, but no matter where you choose to get the work done, the cost will always be significantly lower than it is in many other parts of the world.

What Types of Treatments and Surgeries are Available?

Whether it is elective treatment or reconstructive surgery, you can find pretty much everything.

It is important to draw a distinction between the two. Elective surgery is what we call “Cosmetic” because, like a bit of makeup and lipstick, you are choosing to have it done for your own vanity.

Reconstructive surgery, on the other hand, is medically necessary.  If you’ve had an accident or injury which has resulted in physical scarring, it is desirable to have the evidence of injury removed

There are a number of plastic surgeons on the island who do excellent reconstructive work, but most people come to Phuket for elective surgery. For these cosmetic surgeries there are literally dozens of choices on the island.

So if your nose is too big, or your ears stick out, or you want larger breasts you can schedule an appointment, fly to Phuket, and have this perceived imperfection corrected.

In addition to the surgical work, there are smaller beauty clinics which offer the highest quality beauty and slimming treatments.

This includes Botox and a multitude of laser treatments, all at considerably lower prices than in Australia or the West. (For more specialist work, you can also find great clinics to assist.)

If you are having a complete makeover, you may also want to consider having your smile improved. There are a number of quality dental practises to help you achieve that million dollar smile.

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Do it in Style – Recover in Luxury

Picture this:  cosmetic surgery in Phuket, with recuperation in a 5-star luxury hotel or private pool villa with your own chef.

If you are prepared to have the work done in the country where you live, the money you save by having the treatment in Phuket instead can literally fund a luxury holiday while you recuperate.

So you can either recover from the procedure in your front room staring out the window at the cold and rain, or you can be pampered every day while you recover in the lap of luxury.

The choice is yours, but when you think about it, it’s a pretty obvious choice.

Specialty Companies for Medical Tourism

As medical tourism has grown worldwide, the number of specialist companies around the world has kept pace. These specialists can assist you with all aspects of getting the work done.

The most important thing is that they will ensure you are using the very best surgeons and clinics to carry out the work.  They do this full time so have done their research on both the location and the quality of care.

They’ll go that extra mile to ensure the recommendations they make are right for you, and that the work is of the highest quality.  After all, their business is built on doing a good job and they have a reputation at stake.

They will also assist with the other aspects of your trip, such as organising hotels. Depending on the company, they may even have their own staff on hand to make sure you are comfortable while you are recuperating in your luxury resort.

If you do your homework, you will find that many of these specialist companies already recommend Phuket.


If you want to improve your body, your looks, or just wind back the years a little, Phuket has to be one of the best places to come in the world.

Likewise, if you require reconstructive surgery, and would like to recuperate on a tropical island after having the work done, this is the place.

The quality of service, state of the art technology and highly trained staff are just a few of the reasons to come here for all your “body upgrades”.

But getting procedures performed at a fraction of the cost – while enjoying a trip to paradise – doesn’t that make it all worthwhile !?

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