Phuket Travel Guide

The Rise of Soi Ta-Eiad 

Soi Ta-eaid has grown into one of Asia’s premier health and fitness destinations. The beautiful tropical island of Phuket now offers holidays revolving around everything to do with wellness and fitness.

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Phuket’s Weekend Market (Naka Market)

If you love the market atmosphere, then you'll want to visit Phuket's Weekend Market. It's the island's biggest market and has a huge range of things to buy and food to sample.

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Driving a Motorbike in Phuket

If you are thinking of renting a motor bike in Thailand, then you need to be aware of the risks. Even after reading this article, if you really must drive a bike, you should do so with extreme caution.

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Phuket Shopping Centres and Malls

Are you a shopaholic? If so, you are going to love Phuket. The island now has a number of modern shopping malls and a few more being planned.

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Phang Nga Bay’s Floating Muslim Village

The Muslim fishing village is a major tourist attraction of Phan Nga Bay. A day in the bay is not complete without a stop at the village, even if if it's just to sample some amazing sea food at one of the restaurants.

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Local Thai Food Markets in Phuket

Phuket's local Thai markets are the perfect place to buy all your fresh groceries. The choice of fresh produce is amazing and the prices usually much lower than the average supermarket.

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