Although it doesn’t find its way onto many tourist maps, over the past few years Chalong has become an increasingly popular residential area in Phuket.

The stunning beaches of Kata and Karon are only 10 minutes away, as are Rawai and Nai Harn. It is also a mere 20 minutes’ drive to the busier and livelier areas of Patong Beach and Phuket Town.

With roads arriving here from all directions, and lower-priced real estate than the beach communities, Chalong has become a logical location for a number of the amenities which service the South of the island.

Why Chalong is a Great Place to Buy Property for Living, Investment or Retirement

If you are looking to live in Phuket as a resident, Chalong has everything you need. Ask anyone who lives here, and they will give you an extensive list of reasons why they enjoy living in Chalong so much.

Maybe it is the feeling of being within a community, or perhaps the endless choice of restaurants and bars in the area. Or, for families, it may just be because so many schools are near by.

Simply put, it’s an ideal location, with every possible amenity you could ask for, and easy access to some of the island’s most stunning beaches. All of that makes it an extremely popular place to live. You definitely will need to own a car, but everything is just a short drive away.

Because of its close proximity to both the south and west coasts, without necessarily being right in the middle of a major tourist area, real estate prices are also far more realistic. You will certainly get far greater value for money here compared with nearby Nai Harn, Rawai, Kata or Karon.

Although there are a lot of long-term residents in Chalong, you’ll also see more and more tourists staying in the area. Most of these enjoy the feeling that they are staying amongst the expats, rather than being where all the tourists are.

If buyers decide to rent their Chalong properties rather than live in them, this tourist trade means they can reasonably expect a very attractive yield on their investment, especially throughout the peak seasons.

And because it is such a high demand area, there is a constant demand for new properties from prospective buyers, so both villas and condos are always relatively easy to sell.

Property Choices in Phuket

For families who want to settle close to the best schools, there is an excellent choice of villas and condominiums in the area.

There are a number of housing developments, and quite a few villa estates, but at present the area has a limited supply of spacious condominiums suitable for families.

However, as Chalong’s amenities and proximity to the beaches already attract a number of residents, and with its popularity continuing to grow, we should expect to see more development.

Property For Sale in the Chalong Area

Chalong Roundabout and Future Infrastructure Improvements

The traffic which once clogged Chalong Circle, the area’s key roundabout, showed its importance as a crossroads.

From the Circle you could head west (towards to Kata and Karon), south (towards Rawai and Nai Harn), north east (towards Phuket Town), and as well as north west towards Central Festival, King Power, the airport etc.

And there is even another road off the roundabout that heads directly east towards Chalong Bay and the pier (called Sunrise Avenue).

It is therefore understandable, as with crossroads like this anywhere in the world, that further development was inevitable.

The new underpass at Chalong Circle may have taken some time to complete, but its benefits are already being felt by the entire area.  With any luck, traffic jams in Chalong will be thing of the past.

The proposed LRT from Phuket International Airport is also expected to have its southern most stop in Chalong, which would make this area easily accessible by light railway.

Schools in Chalong

Parents seeking schooling for their children have been attracted to the broad choice of international schools in the Chalong area, including nursery schools and kindergartens.

Most of Phuket’s international schools are found in the south of the island, but local residents here may even make the short drive to Kathu where there are a few more quality schools to choose from.

One of the newest additions in Chalong is the rapidly expanding BCIS, which also has a French curriculum. BCIS are in the process of developing a new campus, complete with Phuket’s first planetarium.

Shopping in Chalong

Amenities are plentiful here. The Home Pro Village near Chalong Circle is a small shopping complex anchored by Home Pro and Villa Market.

HomePro, for those new to Thailand, is one of the country’s largest hardware/DIY stores (similar to B&Q in the UK, OBI in Europe, Lowe’s in the US or even Leroy Merlin in China).

Villa Market is a supermarket which caters to all of your international food tastes.  If you miss something from home, chances are you will find it at Villa.   (If you don’t find your favourite food from home at Villa, try Food for Foreigners, located in one of the Fisherman’s Way business centres as you drive south on Viset Road toward Rawai.)

The Home Pro complex also has an IT shop, home furnishing shops, and some local retail stalls and shops.  There are a few different cafes (yes, even a Starbucks) as well as some local and fast food restaurants (KFC).

Home Pro Village has its own night market a couple of times a week.  It is certainly unique to the venue, with a very local feel and a great atmosphere.

For other grocery shopping in the area, residents are not disappointed. In addition to Villa Market and Food for Foreigners, there are two Makro stores – one in Chalong and another just a short drive into Kata. Tesco and SuperCheap can also be found here.

Restaurants and Bars in Chalong

There are a number of restaurants and bars on nearby Sunrise Avenue heading toward the Pier, including the iconic Kan Eang @Pier.

Further up along Chalong Bay you will find a lot of seafood restaurants, including Kan Eang 2 (not to be confused with the one at the pier).  And as you head a little further north, around the Bay toward the Palai area and Phuket Zoo, there are even more.

Chalong has a Wine Connection, A Mediterranean Gaucho Grill, German, Belgian, Mexican, Israeli and a number of Italian restaurants in the area.

If you love you love an English Pub, we would be remiss not to mention The Green Man on Patak Road (on the way to Kata). It has been there for as long as any of us can remember, and has a loyal clientele.

If you like healthy food, then try the huge selection in Soi Ta Eiad (more about this road below).

All in all, Chalong has an excellent choice of cafes, bars and restaurants.

Mooring Boats and in Chalong Bay

For anyone who owns a boat or a yacht, Chalong Bay is a very popular mooring place because it is naturally protected from both large waves and strong winds.

It is also home to Phuket Yacht Club (also known as Ao Chalong Yacht Club). If you like boats, this a great place to meet other enthusiasts, and they regularly hold events for members.

The Yacht Club has a very welcoming restaurant overlooking Chalong Bay, where you can see the variety of yachts and boats moored out to sea.

Soi Ta Eaid – The Thai Boxing and Fitness Street 

Chalong is also where you will find Soi Ta Eiad.  With its multitude of body building gyms, wellness and yoga studios, as well as Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts Centres, this 1.6 km road is one of Asia’s premier health and fitness destinations.

You probably won’t be surprised to know that some residents choose to live in Chalong solely because of this “Amazing Mile”.

Chalong Pier

Chalong Pier has become one of the main departure points for fishing, diving and snorkelling trips leaving Phuket for deeper waters. Some boats may also go the whole way to Koh Phi Phi.

Its popularity as a departure point has also made the main road leading to the pier, Sunrise Avenue, a hangout for local residents, especially those involved in the dive industry.

Because of this, there is an abundance of bars and guest houses in the area, as well as some very nice cafes and restaurants.

Chalong is a Beautiful Part of the Island

While some people speak of Chalong’s appeal in terms of its proximity to the beaches, Chalong itself should not be underrated.

As the sun moves up over Cape Panwa each morning, the eastern side of the island is ablaze in a warm orange glow.  (These magnificent daybreaks are what gave Sunrise Avenue its name.)

As you move up to higher ground, the views are stunning. From the famous Big Buddha looking down in an easterly direction you can see all of Chalong. The picturesque harbour with its pier is dotted with hundreds of long tail boats, speed boats and yachts.

You can also see the islands dotting the horizon, and on a clear day your view extends the whole way to Koh Phi Phi (48 km away).

Wat Chalong

 The word “Wat” means temple in the Thai language. And Wat Chalong is quite possibly one of the most beautiful Buddhist temples in Phuket.

The temple in itself is a huge tourist attraction on the island, bringing in thousands of visitors every day. The buildings within the grounds are truly magnificent, especially the Phra Mahathat Chedi.

It’s a wonderful experience and the atmosphere is what you would expect from a sacred place which also houses a number of Buddhist relics.

In January each year, both local and foreign residents look forward the Chalong Festival, which is held on the grounds of the temple.  It is a massively popular event, full of stalls, rides, shows and a variety of local delicacies to sample.

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