The Boat Lagoon and Royal Phuket Marina sit alongside one another on the east coast of the island, about 10 km north of Phuket Town.

They share an inlet from the sea for private boats and yachts, but they are not connected by any internal road, only by the main highway.

The area they are in is generally referred to as the Koh Kaew area which also encompasses the land on other side of the road around the British International School. 

Why The Boat Lagoon and Royal Phuket Marina are Great Places to Invest in Phuket Property

The Boat Lagoon is one of Phuket’s most unique residential communities.  The centrepiece is a full-service marina, which is surrounded by small apartments, a resort hotel, pool villas, and townhouses (some of which offer foreign freehold ownership).

The lush tropical setting has restaurants and bars, two fitness centres, two communal swimming pools, and a full service supermarket.

The catamarans and yachts moored here throughout the year add to the charm, especially when you are dining or enjoying a cocktail alongside the marina.

The Royal Phuket Marina (RPM) is the newer and slightly more “posh cousin” right next door.  The Marina has pretty much the same amenities for its residents as those offered by the Boat Lagoon, but everything here is positioned to a more exclusive clientele.

Both locations are attractive for anyone who likes to be near the sea, or who wants to keep a boat moored on the island.

On top of that, the proximity to international schools is also a major attraction for young families.

Property For Sale in Boat Lagoon/Royal Phuket Marina

The properties in the Boat Lagoon and Royal Phuket Marina range from villas to condominiums to townhouses, and the price very much depends on not only the type of home and size, but also on the location.

Properties which attract most foreigners to the Boat Lagoon are predominantly villas and townhouses. The Sino Portuguese styled townhouses have been in existence for at least 20 years and are maintained beautifully. The estate is very family orientated and most owners take pride in the exterior appearance of their homes.

The Royal Phuket Marina has condominium units for sale but also offers the ultimate in functional opulence. The “Aquaminium” is a luxury condominium, available freehold to foreigners, with a built-in berth your private boat. Where else can you roll out of bed, directly onto your motor yacht, and be on the open water within minutes.

You can view some of the properties for sale in the area here:

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Properties for sale in Royal Phuket Marina

No Beach – But Lots of Boats

The Boat Lagoon and Royal Phuket Marina do not have anything to offer in the way of a beach – they are simply in the wrong position on the wrong coast for that.

What they lack in beaches, however, they more than make up for in boats – including some which you can charter either to hit the open water, or to find a pleasant little island which does have a beach.

Schools Near the Boat Lagoon and RPM

The closest international school to The Boat Lagoon and Royal Phuket Marina is the British International School. This can be found almost directly opposite the main road outside both entrances.

For Pre-School/Kindergarten, there are two options very nearby.  Both are just off the bypass road (4024) heading south. Both Dino Daycare and the Baan Kru Jay Active Learning Child Center are less than 15 minutes away. Plenty more options can be found in Kathu area or Phuket Town.

Restaurants In and Around Boat Lagoon and RPM

The Boat Lagoon maintains an excellent choice of restaurants.

In addition to a number of smaller Thai restaurants, bistros and cafes near the entrance, there are also two Italian restaurants to choose from (La Taverna and Portofino).

There is also Les Diables, a bakery and restaurant, which also puts on a traditional English Sunday Roast dinner.

And last but not least, there is the fine dining of Le Winch, which sits next to Portofino facing the Marina.

At Royal Phuket Marina, you are also not “starving” for choices.   From  coffee, pastries, Thai and Western food (Les Anges), to burgers and Tex Mex (Sea Breeze), Vietnamese (Madame Saigon), and Italian (Pasta Basta).

There is also the Dock Bar and The Speakeasy Yacht Club for an evening beverage.

Shopping Near the Boat Lagoon and RPM

Both resorts are conveniently located near the Central Festival/Central Floresta shopping centres, which are only 10 km south on the bypass road (4024).  For retail shopping, this complex is one the best on the island.

Central Floresta is where you can find some of the best-known luxury brands, while Central Festival offers a very good high-street shopping experience.

For groceries, Central also has three supermarkets.  When you reach the Darasamut intersection coming from the Boat Lagoon/RPM, there is a Tops Supermarket on your left, and Central Food Halls can be found on the ground floors of both Central Festival and Central Floresta.

A little further down the road from Central there is also a Tesco-Lotus.  Tops and Tesco are very good for all of your basic shopping needs, but if you are looking for products from home, the Central Food Halls are a better bet.

But for a full-service international supermarket, you don’t even have to drive that far.  At the entrance to the Boat Lagoon, there is a Villa Market.

This is one of the best supermarkets for buying international products, and it is very convenient to have it right on the doorstep.  (From the RPM it involves two u-turns to get there, but it is still a little easier than Central because – once you reach Villa – you’re only 2 minutes from home.)

Other Attractions Near The Royal Phuket Marina and The Boat Lagoon

Phuket Town is just 10 km to the south.  Some people like the town for the local craft and antique shops, some enjoy the cafes and the restaurants, while others simply walk around, taking in the Sino-Portuguese architecture.

Just across Thepkasattri Road (highway 402), along the road which passes the British International School, is the Phuket Mining Museum.

Mining (especially tin mining) was once a very significant foundation of the economy in Phuket, and the museum is situated on 400 rai (64 hectares) of land which was once a mine.  The museum is a great place to learn more about this important part of Phuket’s history.

Just 10 minutes up the road in the Khao Phra Thaeo National Park, is the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary and the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, where these remarkable apes are rescued and released back into the wild.

Khao Phra Thaeo also has the Tong Sai and Bang Pae Waterfalls, and is where you can find Cable Jungle Adventure Phuket, one of the best zip-lining courses on the island, offering a bird’s eye view of the rain forest canopy.

As the area is also close to the Kathu Valley, there are also plenty of golf courses in the area to choose from. In the opposite direction towards Paklok you will also come to Mission Hills Golf Course and further up Thepkasattri Road is the Blue Canyon Golf and Country Club.

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