Cherng Talay is a subdistrict (tambon) of Thalang, Phuket’s largest administrative district, as well as being a town.

The tambon of Cherng Talay encompasses many of the popular beaches in this part of Phuket, and there truly is a stark contrast between the quaint town of Cherng Talay and the modern luxurious resorts found just around the corner.

Where is Cherng Talay?

Cherng Talay is on the west coast of Phuket, about half way between the northern and southern tips of the island.

While most people might not know the name, Cherng Talay is home to Surin Beach, Layan Beach, not to mention Bang Tao – home to the Laguna resorts.

You can reach Cherng Talay from four directions. Either the coast road heading south from Nai Thon or north from Kamala and Patong. Or from inland from either Thalang (southeast on the 402 coming from the airport) or heading due east from the Heroine’s Monument.

Cherng Talay does not have its own its beach – at least not one called “Cherng Talay Beach.”

But, as mentioned above, Bang Tao, Surin and Layan are part of the Cherng Talay local authority, and these are three of the best beaches on the island.

And these beaches are home to some of Phuket’s most popular beach clubs (see more below under Nightlife and Entertainment).

Why Cherng Talay is an Excellent Place to Invest in Phuket Property

Although the tambon of Cherng Talay encompasses the areas of Surin, Bang Tao and Layan, as well as the Laguna complex, it is also an area unto itself.

But whether or not you view the town as a separately entity, the entire area is rapidly transforming.

Over the years, these other major tourist sites, with their beautiful and popular beaches, have over spilled into Cherng Talay Town.  This was perhaps aided by the fact that the entrance to Laguna sits on the northern edge of the town.

Given this close proximity to beaches, luxury resorts and one of Phuket’s most prestigious golf courses, the area is undergoing extensive development.  Large corporations are investing in new tourists attractions in the area, and even new shopping malls.

There’s no doubt that this is a nice place to spend a vacation, or even to retire. Demand from tourists is likely to continue and that means high rental demand for anyone keen on purchasing property solely for investment purposes.

The area certainly has excellent prospects, and the trend we’ve seen over the last few years – of holiday makers choosing this part of the island over the south – seems to be accelerating.

With an increase in shopping experiences, restaurants, bars, and a world class water park (currently under construction), the area looks like it will go from strength to strength.

Discerning investors who buy wisely in the Cherng Talay area will no doubt be rewarded over the long term.

Finding a Property in Cherng Talay

Cherng Talay has a vast selection available for foreigners who wish to buy property, and there really is very little the area can not offer.

There are multi-million dollar villas perched on the mountain sides, with stunning views looking north up Bang Tao Beach.

In Bang Tao you have the perfectly manicured grounds of the 5-star Laguna resorts, which includes villas, condominiums, hotels, and a sweeping 6km stretch of beach.

Then there is Surin, as well as the more tranquil Layan, two of the nicest and most desirable areas in Phuket.

Among all of this high-end luxury there are also quality condominiums at attractive prices, as well bungalow estates where you can have a bit more space within a gated community.

Someone advertising the rental or sale of a property closer to Bang Tao Beach is unlikely to use “Cherng Talay” to describe the vicinity, but technically every area mentioned above is in Cherng Talay.

You can view some of the properties in the area here:

Property For Sale in the Cherng Talay Area

Cherng Talay Restaurants and Dining

Between Surin, Laguna, Bang Tao, and Cherng Talay Town it is almost impossible not to find a restaurant to suit you.

This part of Phuket has a fantastic variety of restaurants, including grills and steak houses, Italian, French, Indian, and English pub food. Boat Avenue has a French restaurant called Little Paris, which is an excellent place for snacks, lunch or even finer evening dining.

One of Phuket’s best steak houses, “Cut” is found around the lake at the bottom end of Boat Avenue, and will never disappoint. With its world class chefs and exquisitely chosen produce and ingredients, it is making its name as one of Phuket’s finest gastronomic treats.

There is also a Wine Connection in the area, just opposite Tesco supermarket. Wine Connection must be one of the most consistent restaurants on the island, and never fails to deliver quality and value, as well as an excellent selection of vino.

You will also find a multitude of local Thai restaurants offering excellent food at local prices. Along the beach from Bang Tao, all the way up to Layan, there are many wonderful seafood restaurants. And on the same stretch of sand you also have your choice of beach clubs, either for a fine evening meal, or for dancing the night away.

From the casual to the upmarket and everything in between – the Cherng Talay area absolutely has it all.

Grocery Shopping in Cherng Talay

In terms of supermarkets, there is a Villa Market at Boat Avenue, one of only a few on the island, which is a great place to buy any goodies you miss from home.

Next door to Boat Avenue, is the site of Porto de Phuket, the area’s new Central shopping mall. The Central Food Hall is likely to be one of the most popular places for foreigners to buy groceries in the area.

There is also a Tesco Lotus store closer to the beach, as well as a number of local markets.

Schools in Cherng Talay

Cherng Talay is home to Indigo Kids, a well-respected international pre-school and Kindergarten.   Indigo Kids follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) standards established for pre-schools in the UK.

For younger children there is also the Shining Stars School just a little further south in Kamala.

For students in Grade 1 through Grade 12 (or A-Levels), the nearest to Cherng Talay are the British International School or UWC Thailand.

Nightlife and Entertainment in Cherng Talay

Cherng Talay is filled with enough great bars and restaurants to have an enjoyable night out every night for at least a week.

If you want more than a traditional restaurant or pub, you can also settle into one of the Beach Clubs here.  Catch, Bluesiam and Xana Beach Club are all located on Bang Tao Beach, while Dream Beach Club is further north on Layan Beach.

While the nightlife on offer in this area may be enough for most, if you really fancy a “wild” night out, you will need to head further south to Patong.

Other Points of Interest in Cherng Talay

Adjacent to Boat Avenue is Lagoon Road, which leads to the entrance of the Laguna Complex. Along with Tinlay Place, you will find a number of trendy furniture shops, art galleries, massage parlours, cafes, bars and shops, as well as some nice restaurants that look out over the lake separating Boat Avenue and Lagoon Road.

2015 saw the golf course at Laguna completely overhauled, and the result was a golf resort which has won multiple awards since its relaunch.  The course winds its way through the lagoons that give the area its name, and feature greens built to USGA specifications, for truly consistent year-round play.  Laguna Golf Phuket is also home to Southeast Asia’s first PGA-branded golf academy.

On market day, you will find a completely contrasting experience to the Boat Avenue and Lagoon Road.  Just a short walk away, the Cherng Talay market serves up the finest in fresh, local produce, as well some remarkable prepared Thai dishes.  Go there at dinner time, walk around, and just “nibble” from the different vendors.  You’ll quickly find there is longer a need to go out to eat that night.

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